Blue Note Entertainment Group

During my time designing for Blue Note Entertainment Group I did a variety of tasks for specific clubs as well as the overall mother brand. Managing the iconic Blue Note brand, creating print and web collateral for Blue Note Jazz Club, Blue Note Jazz Festival, and facilitating work for outside show clients via Blue Note Media Group - a digital and print marketing subsidiary of the club servicing the music industry.

Additionally I oversaw design based operations in regards to the expansion of the Blue Note brand through new clubs domestically and overseas, through consultations regarding upholding of brand standards, as well as the fabrication of materials to be integrated into the fixtures of new clubs.

Most recently I designed a winning pitch deck for a partnership with Blue Note Entertainment Group and Sony, of which the result is the new Sony Hall venue in New York City. I assisted with ideation that inspired the aesthetic of the venue through conceptual mockups.

Blue Note Jazz Club - THE BRAND

The Blue Note branding is used for all collateral, with the exception of specialized events or artist runs. It is meant to portray a retro feel while also providing a sense of simple modernity. The concept behind the design aesthetic originates from duo and tri tones found in jazz history and iconic album art from the likes of Miles Davis and Sonny Rollins. Each show branding was extended to various sizes for print and digital production, including ad material, and social media usage.

The Blue Note puts on shows 365 days a year, sometimes two or three different acts a night. A High level of organization, awareness to marketing needs, and time management was needed to ensure shows sold well and promotional needs were met.


Reggie Watts Gig Poster

This poster for comedian Reggie Watts exists a special case outside the Blue Note Brand. For unique acts we would organize a special set of collateral to draw attention to the show. It was done using analog and digital illustration techniques.


Blue Note Monthly Program

Each month, the Blue Note releases a monthly program containing info on all of the shows for the month. The program ranged between 24 and 36 pages depending on booking. This reoccurring project helped me hone and keep sharp layout skills.


Show Marketing

For each show booked, a standard set of marketing collateral was generated for print and web. This process consisted of establishing a brand for each show, then generating print and website based elements using that visual aesthetic for marketing consistency. This included multi platform collateral and advertising, social promotion, and cross venue promotion within Blue Note Entertainment Group.

Blue Note Jazz Festival

Each year Blue Note Entertainment Group puts on the Blue Note Jazz Festival. A 30 day, New York City wide event, often including 10+ venues and over 100 individual artists performing, the festival is a landmark event that required a lot of preparatory work - wherein all collateral must be cohesively branded with both the corresponding venue and festival tags. Some acts from recent years include Kamasi Washington, Aretha Franklin, Quantic, The Isley Brothers, Al Di Meola, and Lettuce.

click the cropped photos below to cycle through some different elements of the festival.

Blue Note Venue Expansion

Since my joining of Blue Note Entertainment Group there have been five new venues opened. Four of them have been expansion of the Blue Note Brand to: Napa Valley, Hawaii, Rio De Janeiro, and China. For these clubs I was involved in ensuring consistent branding in keeping a strong relation to the Blue Note Mother Brand and quality assurance aesthetic, working closely with the managing partners in each, ensuring that signage and collateral was branded correctly and met production specifications and deadlines. Even after these venues were set up with an in house team I was called upon for high profile or sensitive projects.

Blue Note Hawaii (left), showcasing reserved cards, stage signage, table vinyl, and inset medallions, all of which I designed or collaborated with fabricators to create. 

Blue Note Napa (right), showcasing vertical outdoor signage, which I designed and worked with fabricators to create with sustainability and the elements in mind. Additionally I provided concepts for the awning and coloration when a new one was implemented before venue opening.

Sony hall

The expansion of Sony Hall is to date the largest scaled project of business to business brand expansion I have worked on to date. My involvement started with designing a  pitch deck that was used for both print and digital presentation, then continued with conceptual ideation and interior mockups for venue. Finally it consisted of the handling of in house and day to day marketing materials and collateral, and working with Sony directly to ensure brand standards are recognized, met, and implemented correctly. Sony Hall opened in late March, 2018.