Branding + Logos

These logos have been designed for specific use cases, each one considered to match with an identity and a target market.


Amorphous Architecture

This brand, concepted to be for a boutique architecture firm was based around a typographic solution in which the 'A' glyph is indistinguishably both lower case and upper case. the card example shown here contains a die cut.

Arts Administration Digital admat and icons

This ad material was for Drexel University's Arts Administration program. The icons and their cropping are hand drawn, then vectored  to illustrate Drexel's identity of being a tech-forward thinking school with the artful nature that is inherent with the programs mission.

 The full advertisement

The full advertisement


Colour Lit Makeup packaging and brand

Colour Lit is a boutique makeup packaging brand based out of Virginia. I was approached to conceive a logo that would then be applied to packaging for the tubes. This process involved working with the packaging plant and engineers, for quality assurance. The brand is often foil stamped on the packaging using a metallic pantone.


Misfits & Majesty

This apparel brand is made to reflect street wear trend in concept and execution. With words, colors and iconography that both fit and clash the goal is to take on a slightly gritty, but still refined approach. Furthermore, with the style of 'work shirt' becoming more prevalent, it's used as an example of the brand here.