Pumpkin Bumpkin Ale

Pumpkin Bumpkin Ale is a seasonal beer I brewed in fall of 2018. One of my favorite things about fall is a miniseries called ‘Over the Garden Wall’ . I chose to unite these two passions and make a label for my home brew, using a character from the series named Enoch. The label features my own illustration and quotes referencing 'Pottsfield’ the place where Enoch and his kin live, and an ominous quote from Enoch himself at the bottom. The pallete is a classic fall with an ominous touch. The illustration is a combination of both analog and digital with an etching style.


Overview -

Here are two bottles of the brew - featuring a necker piece that contains an ‘LB’, initials for our in house brewery called laid back.



The label flat featuring the headline copy and ornaments for the subheads.


Detail of type texturing and lighting

The type here is a combination of Nexa Rust that has been modified heavily to include stroking and texturing for the headline type. The subhead type is geared slab.